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GB iglesias dentro del código postal TF

St Patrick (Wellington)

Laborales: 09:15(first viernes 12:00)

Sábados: 10:00

Domingos: 18:15(sábado vigil); 11:00, 17:00(Polski)
+ 18:30(4th Saturdays, Syro-Malabar rite)

Confessions: Saturday after both Masses and at call

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King Street, Wellington, Telford, TF1 3AP

Teléfono: +44 1952 242423

Estación mas cerca: Wellington

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Our Lady of the Rosary & St Luke (East Telford)

Laborales: martes, jueves 09:00

Domingos: 09:00, 13:45(last domingo of month, Syro-Malabar rite)

Confessions: before & after Mass

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Church Road, Trench, Telford, Shropshire, TF2 7HG

Teléfono: +44 1952 605731

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St Thomas Aquinas & St Stephen Harding (Market Drayton)

Laborales: martes 09:30

Domingos: 11:30

Días de precepto: 10:00, 19:30

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Great Hales Street, Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 1JL

Teléfono: +44 1630 652568

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Our Blessed Lady & St John the Baptist (Ashley)

Laborales: miércoles 19:15

Domingos: sábado vigil 18:00 ONLY

Días de precepto: 19:15 (víspera)

Confessions: Saturday 5.25-5.45pm

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Church Road, Ashley, Staffordshire, TF9 4JY

served from Our Lady & St Werburgh, Clayton

Teléfono: +44 1630 672219

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Ss Peter & Paul (Newport)

lunes, viernes 12:00;
martes, miércoles 09:00

Domingos: 18:30 (víspera), 09:15

Confessions: Saturday 11.30-12 noon

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Salter's Lane, Newport, TF10 7LB

Teléfono: +44 1952 811299

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