Shrines in Stockport

St Mary (Heaton Norris)

Weekday: 9.15am

Saturday: 9.15am

Sunday: 10.00am

Holyday of Obligation: 9.30am

Confessions: Saturday 10-11am

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12 Roman Road, Stockport, Greater Manchester, SK4 1RF

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Tel: 0161 480 4374

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St Mary and the Annunciation (Marple Bridge)

Weekday: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9.30am

Sunday: 6.30pm (vigil), 11.15am

Confessions: Saturday 12 noon

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1 Hollins Lane, Marple Bridge, Stockport, Greater Manchester, SK6 5BB

Tel: 0161 427 2408

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Our Lady & St Christopher (Stockport)

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9.15am;
Tuesday 7.30pm;
Friday 12.00pm

Saturday: 9.15am

Sunday: 6.30pm (vigil), 9.00am, 11.00am

Monday-Friday upon request after Mass;
Saturday 5.45-6.20pm;
Sunday 10.20-10.50am or by appointment

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52 Barrack Hill, Romiley, Stockport, Greater Manchester, SK6 3BA

Tel: 0161 430 2704

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Our Lady & the Apostles (Stockport)

Weekday: Thursday, Friday 12.15pm

Saturday: 9.30am

Sunday: 7.00pm (vigil), 10.00am

Confessions: Saturday 10.00-10.45am, 6.15-6.45pm and on request

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Shaw Heath, Edgeley, Stockport, Greater Manchester, SK3 8BQ

Tel: 0161 480 2489

Station: Stockport

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Junctions: M60 J1 (1.33 miles)

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