Shrines in Cleveland

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary (Billingham)

Monday 9.15am;
Thursday 12.00pm

Saturday: 9.30am

Sunday: 9.30am

Confessions: Friday 6-7pm

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Sidlaw Road, Billingham, Cleveland, TS23 2EP

Tel: 01642 553118

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St Paulinus (Guisborough)

Weekday: Friday 10.00am

Sunday: 6.00pm (vigil), 10.00am

Holyday of Obligation: 10.00am

Confessions: Saturday after evening Mass and on request

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The Avenue, Guisborough, TS14 6EP

Tel: 01287 638233

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Holy Name of Mary (Linthorpe)

Weekday: Monday, Thursday 9.15am

Sunday: 6.30pm (vigil), 10.30am

Holyday of Obligation: 7.00pm (vigil), 9.15am

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50 The Avenue, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough, TS5 6QT

Tel: 01642 818695

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Cathedral of St Mary (Middlesbrough)

Monday, Thursday 6.30pm;
Tuesday, Wednesday 9.15am;
Friday 7.15am, 12.00pm

Saturday: 9.15am

Sunday: 6.30pm (vigil), 10.00am, 5.00pm

Holyday of Obligation: 9.15am, 7.00pm

Confessions: Saturday 9.45-10.30am, 5.30-6.15pm

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Dalby Way Coulby Newham Middlesbrough, TS8 0TW

Tel: 01642 597750

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Our Lady of Lourdes (Saltburn)

Weekday: 10.00am

Sunday: 6.00pm (vigil), 10.30am

Holyday of Obligation: 10.00am, 7.00pm

Confessions: Saturday 5.00-5.45pm

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Milton Street, Saltburn by Sea, TS12 1DE

Tel: 01287 623619

Station: Saltburn

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St Mary (Stockton-on-Tees)

Weekday: Wednesday, Friday 12.00pm

Sunday: 6.00pm

Holyday of Obligation: 12.05pm

Wednesday after 12 noon Mass;
Sunday 5.30pm

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Major Street, TS18 2DD

Tel: 01642 676164

Station: Stockton

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